Import Trading

    QingDao Bossen Industrial Co., Ltd is a subsidiary company specialized in the import. The Group changes the development strategy in 2010, the main goal is stabilizing the export and enlarging the import, positively carrying out international cooperation. Main product we can provide is as follows:
    Seafood: Canadian Cold water shrimp, UK Brown Crab, Noway Capelin, India Ribbon Fish, Canadian King Crab, Vietnam Black Tiger, California Loligo, USA Sardines and so on. The Company will further expand the diversified import of seafood and plan to open local office in many important areas in China to prompt a great development of the Import.
    Diary Product: The company established business relationship with the biggest diary product manufacture in Polland OKRĘGOWA SPOŁDZIELNIAMLECZARSKA W ŁOWICZU, and already imported the most popular Mona brand milk from them.Meanwhile, the Company is positively discussing to import Yogurt from Germany Supplier and import Infant Fomula Milk Powder from France. 
    Autos:The Company is starting to import Autos , including Porsche Cayenee, BMW X5, BMWX6, Mercedes Benz GL350 and so on.An autos shop will be open very soon in Qing Dao to dispaly the cars we import.