Pioneering Experience
1.Taking your work as your career is a power to transcend yourself.
Responsibility is a man’s most fundamental obligation in life. Only when a man takes
up his responsible for his family, life and society, can he become great. A man will
be willing to sacrifice himself for his beloved career when he has a strong sense of responsibility and mission. As a result, a power to transcend oneself can be acquired.
It is the awareness of responsibility for the development of our enterprise that inspires
us to make progress in the face of hardships and difficulties. In other words, such awareness of responsibility is a driving power and the mission is a spiritual force
derived from it.

2.To give up responsibility is to give up opportunity, we deem responsibility as
importance as our lives.
When we choose Infinity, it means that we assume responsibilities for the development
of Infinity. once an employee gives up responsibility to the enterprise, he or she gives
up the opportunity for better personal development within the enterprise. Based on this understanding, we should regard our responsibilities to be as important as our lives.
Even if there are great difficulties and pressures, we should resolutely advance forward and overcome them if it is in the interest of the enterprise and shareholders.

3.Being an enterprise that is glad to take up its Corporate Social Responsibility.
When we take it as our sacred responsibility to improve social welfare, we will be more involved in social activities and more confident of ourselves. According to K. Davis, the famous sociologist, “a man who gives up his responsibility for his society gives up an opportunity for a better life in the society.” Enterprises are part of society and have a responsibility and obligation to seek development along with social development. In
this way, we believe that a law-abiding and responsible enterprise not only improves
its image and increases intangible assets but also gains access to international markets and boosts its long-term profitability.

4.Power is a kind of responsibility.
When we are ready to assume responsibilities, the organization will give us appropriate power. The relationship between responsibility and power is just like the two sides of a coin. The essence of power is responsibility. Power is needed when you take up your responsibilities; if power is not used for seeking of personal gains, it is a kind of responsibility. When we are endowed with power by the shareholders, we are endowed with an onerous responsibility; i.e., to serve the shareholders and employees wholeheartedly.

5.Personal Charisma
When a person especially an official owns and correctly uses his/her power, he/she as a mater of fact takes up his/her responsibility. But in reality, some people tend to look only
at the advantages brought by power and ignore the more important premise of assuming responsibilities. A leader of an organization must pay more attention to the influence of non-power influence such as the influence of personal charisma. Power separated from responsibility will definitely lead to corruption.