Key Value
1, To regard our responsibility with the same importance as we regard our lives is one of
the crucial factors of our success
2, Innovation is our sould and foremost task
3, Everything is considered from the interests of shareholders and employees and let all employees share the reform achievements
4, Self-cultivation and self-improvement are guaranteed for a successful enterprise
5, Take our competitors as friends instead of enemies is the basis corporation of  a higher level
6,  We may have nothing but credit
7, Talent ensures success of a career and a career brings about glory to life
8, A sense of crisis makes people advance and a sense of  foresight makes people achieve success
9, Solbe problems in the course of business development
10, A man who is aware of his shortcomings will make progress
11, A kind of heart and virtuous deeds help others as well as yourself
12, A sense of gratitude is the source of happiness